Gullywash Gardens

Shiitake Mushrooms!

Gullywash Gardens is proud to produce a superior, naturally outdoor-grown shiitake mushroom.

We inoculate shiitake spores in freshly-cut logs, placed in our shady, moist woods in the Minnesota River Valley. Harvested daily for peak quality, we offer these healthy, delicious mushrooms at the Wayzata Farmer's Market, Mankato Farmer's Market, and St. Peter Food Co-Op.

Cultivated and used in Oriental cuisine for centuries, the shiitake is prized for its unique and woodsy flavor. Like most mushrooms, shiitake have very few calories but unlike most, shiitake contain high amounts of protein, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, iron and Vitamin D2. Japanese and American research also indicates shiitake contains compounds which may lower blood cholesterol. Shiitake is often used as a healthy alternative to meat - its hearty texture is most satisfying.

For short-term storage (up to 10 days) place your shiitake in a paper bag in the refrigerator. Long term storage can be achieved by making duxelles. For more information on duxelles, please see recipes.

The stems of shiitake are rarely used in many cuisines, primarily because the stems are harder and take longer to cook than the fleshy caps. We like to boil the stems, strain, and use as a broth.

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