Gullywash Gardens

A selection of our flowers

There are a lot of options in this world.
Why pick Gullywash for your event or special occasion?

You would enjoy doing business with a farmer and designer who understand the importance of beauty and emotion the flowers will create for your event. We will fulfill your inspirations, get excited about your ideas, and help to guide you on cost.

You are looking for a source to purchase blooms for use in designing your own arrangements, yet also have the option to purchase design services a la carte.

You desire the very best in freshness and quality of blooms, with the farmer hand-selecting those flowers at optimum bloom times for your arrangements.

You understand the flexibility necessary when ordering local flowers, due to weather and seasonality. The "look" becomes more important than purchasing a very specific flower.

You wish to support a local small business.

If your desired blooms are out of season in Minnesota, you are seeking a designer who will source, if possible, blooms from other American farms who are ecologically like-minded.

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